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Redi-Med Plus Membership

What is Red-Med Plus Membership?



Redi-Med Plus membership was created to help self-pay families and small businesses keep healthcare costs down while providing basic needs for families and employees.

In today's environment of escalating healthcare costs, millions of Americans are struggling to afford health insurance. Small businesses, in particular, face challenges in providing healthcare coverage to their employees. Offering a company health insurance plan has become nearly impossible due to its exorbitant costs. At Redi-Med, we understand firsthand the impact of high insurance costs on small businesses. That is why we have developed a membership plan specifically tailored for small businesses and families who cannot afford commercial health insurance. Our membership plans offer affordable rates while providing comprehensive health prevention and screening services to our patients.

Family Plan

Our family membership plans have been specifically designed to cater to individuals who may not have the means to purchase health insurance yet require access to essential healthcare services.

What we offer

For a nominal monthly fee, all immediate family members residing at the same address, who are under the age of 18, can benefit of comprehensive primary care services throughout the year. These services encompass medication refills, laboratory tests, school physicals, x-rays, minor surgeries, and treatment for injuries, among others. While we are unable to assume full primary care responsibility for pediatric patients (under 18), as they require specialized care from pediatricians for immunizations and other specific needs, we are readily available to address any urgent healthcare requirements they may have.

Additionally, we are pleased to offer a complimentary annual physical examination, which includes a chest x-ray, laboratory tests, electrocardiogram (EKG), and urine analysis.


  • $50/month for families up to 5 members

  • $75/month for families over 5 members

Business Plan

Small businesses often find it financially unfeasible to offer company health insurance plans. However, at Redi-Med, we provide an alternative solution that not only helps businesses mitigate increases in workers' compensation premiums but also encourages employees to prioritize their health through preventative care. In today's competitive employment market, businesses that offer additional incentives experience higher rates of long-term employee retention and increased job satisfaction.

How does it work?

Redi-Med offers a wide range of services on-site, addressing the majority of patients' healthcare needs. For a nominal monthly fee, any minor work-related injuries that can be treated at Redi-Med are covered under the subscription, allowing for unlimited visits to our clinic for your employees. For further treatment needs, such as referrals or surgeries, we are unable to provide those services as they are typically performed by other providers. However, most minor work-related injuries can be successfully treated at our facility without the need to involve insurance, thereby helping to keep your premiums low.

In addition to work-related injuries, we extend free primary healthcare services to all your employees. As long as they remain your employees, they and their immediate family members can visit Redi-Med at no cost. Furthermore, we include a complimentary annual physical examination for adults, which encompasses labs, x-rays, and an EKG. The cost of an annual physical is over $300 per patient. Your employees will benefit from these services for free.


  • $500/month up to 5 employees

  • $750/month 5-10 employees

  • $1000/mo over 10 employees

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